How To Find Campgrounds

best free campgrounds

Helping campers find their perfect RV park, campsite, or boat landing is amazing, but finding the perfect RV campsite location is now a challenge for you to do yourself, with the numerous websites and apps available for campers.     

This list lists all types of campsites, including camping in state parks, boat moorings, and public land, as well as camping in state parks or boarding on public land. Our database should be helpful if you are looking for a particular type of campsite, such as an RV park, boat mooring, or boat park. To help you find the best free campsites, we have compiled a map to help you find the perfect tool to find your nearest campsite. It becomes a great resource if you are not sure how big your site will fit into a free site or if you need more detailed instructions to find a good free campsite for you.  

Just do a search on our free campgrounds map using the circle on the right-hand side of the map.    

Many agencies operate campsites and campsites that campers can use to reserve them in advance. Most camping websites make it easy to contact a campground operator to make a reservation by specifying their website and telephone number. If you cannot find a campsite near your destination, third-party providers can manage your campsite for you. 

There are countless ways to find free camping, but the best tool to find a site is our campgrounds map above. A simple search for specific information about a campsite makes it much easier to rely on this information when searching for good campsites.     

In addition to the state parks, we have websites in most states that you can use to find campgrounds on public land, but it focuses exclusively on federal public land. Some parks have state park campgrounds operated by the National Park Service, which you won't find here on our map.     

While many campground parks have been built with bathroom facilities, more experienced outdoor campers will find places for backcountry camping where they can really rough it or even a place for backcountry camping without many of the same amenities.      

You do not need reservations for scattered BLM campsites, but only a suitable place to pitch your tent. National forests are a swath of free camping protected by the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Search our map for this category also.   No permit is required to camp at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USAC) campground.    

Another reason you should visit the camping website of a park is that some parks and campsites are managed by third parties. Similar to the research you have done on camping, it is a great idea to get suggestions for online camp groups.